Aug 22, 2015

Witch Dress

Dress: Rebel Circus

Al fín les puedo mostrar este vestido ♥ 
Lo que más me gusta es el detalle del cuello y las mangas transparentes, es demasiado lindo y delicado. Elegí accesorios mas casuales para completar el outfit, eso es algo que siempre me gusta hacer cuando tengo esta clase de vestidos para mostrarles, creo que así se ve mas interesante. 
Qué les parece?
Today I can finally show you this dress ♥ 
What I love the most about it is the neck details and the transparent sleeves, it's just too cute and delicate. I chose casual accessories to complete the outfit, that's something I always like to do when I have this kind of dresses to show you, I think it makes it more interesting in this way.
What do you think?

Aug 17, 2015

The other side of the crash

Pleated Skirt & Tartan Top: Made by me | Moon Choker: Amen Diamonds | Shoes: Dafiti

Perdón por estar tan desaparecida ultimamente, extrañaba el blog,  mientras tanto estuve pensando algunas cosas, no les pasa a veces que quieren arrancar de cero otra vez con otro blog? como si fuera un refresh? No se.. tengo eso en la mente ultimamente. 
Como verán, después de tener el pelo violeta por casi un año y una especie de gris por otro tiempito mas, me terminé cansando, me cansaron los colores fantasia incluido el pelo gris, y también me canso tener que estar ocupandome siempre del color, así que me decidí por este, que siempre fue uno de mis favoritos, yyy al fin tengo un color que combina bien con toda la ropa haha. Con respecto al outfit, hice el top y la falda hace un tiempo y para completar el look me puse mi choker favorito, y estos zapatos que ultimamente son los que mas uso, me encantan.
 Hey there, sorry for disappearing for so long. I missed my blog, and in the meanwhile I've been thinking about some ideas, do you ever think about starting over with a new blog? like a refresh? I don't know, I have that idea in my mind lately.
As you can see after having my hair violet for almost one year and a kind of grey for a short time I got really tired, I got tired of all fantasy colors included grey, I also got tired of the color maintenance, so I decided for this one I have now, It has always been one of my favorites, and finally I have a hair color that matches all my clothing haha. About the outfit, I made the top and the skirt, and to complete the look I added my favorite choker and these shoes that are the ones I use the most lately, I love them.

Song: The other side of the crash by Thursday

Jun 24, 2015

Brandi Foo

brandi foo+fashion+designer

I fell in love with Brandi's style and photos automatically when I found her on instagram and some time ago when she launched her online store I discovered she's also a talented fashion designer. I wanted to show you her works, these are some photos from her last collection called In memory of 1960s  and also I bring you a lovely interview, now I feel identified with her even more, it's great to find people with a similar point of view. ♥ 

brandi foo+fashion+designer
 Where does your inspiration come from?
My inspiration comes from everywhere, but mostly peculiar stuff, anything that is strange and unusual, I love it. Picture a beautiful mystical landscape, thats the base for my ideas. Tim Burton is my muse, I binge watch his creations when I’m lost for ideas. Alexander Mcqueen and Gareth Pugh are both my fashion muse. I have been attracted to the spiritual aspects of life since I was a child and most of my design inspirations primarily grows from there. All in all, there is a sense of morbidity and macabre found in my works and I would say that makes the DNA of my label. 

What is the message you want to share through you clothes?
Hmm, I want to reach out to the uncommon people, people who feel like they are being treated differently because they do not agree with the conformity of today’s society. To tell the people who think and dress a certain way that isn’t the norm, that everyone is beautiful in their own way. Do as you will, and harm none <3. 
brandi foo+fashion+designer
 Are you self taught or did you study fashion design?
I am currently studying fashion design, graduating with a diploma next year. 

Do you design for a specific girl, or character in particular? If so, who is she?
Well, when I design with a certain theme in mind, I usually do have an “imaginative girl” image in mind. Or at times, I might watch some movies and actually imagine designing for that certain character. Examples of movie characters I had in mind before: Lux from virgin suicides, Lydia Deetz from beetlejuice, Nancy from The Craft, Abigail from The Crucible.
brandi foo+fashion+designer
What is your favourite music and which are your favourite bands?
The paper kites, Alt-J, Daughter, Angus and Julia Stone. My main favs<333

Are you more a day or night person?
Easy. I’m night.

 What is your favourite part of being a fashion designer?
Being able to express myself on the creative platform. 
brandi foo+fashion+designer
brandi foo+fashion+designer
Photos from In memory of 1960s collection

I hope you liked this post, I recommend you to check out her online store and follow her instagram and blog.