Lace Shirt: Thrifted | Skater Skirt: Made by me | Crosses Tights: Ebay

This outfit matches with the day.. it's raining here, it's a grey, pale and beautiful day. I'm glad that I found this shirt, it's so delicate, the fabric and the color are really nice. I'm wearing it with my usual skater skirt and one of my favorite tights ever.
There's something important (for me) I have to tell you about the band.. 
If everything keeps going well, we'll launch our first single on July 27th with our first music video, omg it's weird even to write it.. In another post I'll tell you why we choose that date, which is very important. so, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel, and stay tuned for the big news if you want ♥  


Winter Dusk

Shirt: DIY | Skirt: Thrifted | Necklace: Asos | Choker: Complot

Estuve teniendo algunos problemitas con internet, y aunque no pasó mucho tiempo desde el último post, re extrañé el blog. Pero tuve una semana linda y larga, estuve dedicandome a las cosas que amo y no se si ustedes miran el mundial pero Argentina esta en la final y no saben lo feliz que estoy AAHH ♥.. Sobre el outfit, se me hace raro verme a mi misma con una falda larga, no se por qué, ya que son cómodas y lindas, nada más no estoy muy acostumbrada. Lo que me gusta de esta en particular es la tela y la estampa, que es un poco transparente con una forreria liviana abajo. El top lo modifiqué yo, en realidad era una remera normal con cuello alto y mangas largas, nada más le saque el cuello y la corte a la linea de la cintura y así quedó, me encantó el resultado, siempre es una buena idea modificar y reusar prendas viejas.
I had some problems with my internet connection since last week, and despite not much time has passed since my last post, I really missed my blog. But it's been a long and great week for me, I've been working on things I love and I don't know if you watch the FIFA World Cup, but Argentina is in the final and you don't know how happy I am ♥.. About the outfit, It's weird to see myself wearing long skirts, I don't know why, because they're comfortable and nice, I'm just not used to. What I like about this one is the print and the fabric, which is a little transparent with a lining underneath. About the top, I made it from an old long sleeve shirt with high neck I had, I just cut off the neck and the lenght, I love the result, it's always a great idea to modify and reuse old clothes.


Favorite outfits of the month | June 2014

Shift by Ella from Misty Grey

STOLEN ROSES by Vu Thien from Bloody Roses

June is over and I can finally show you this post! These are my favorite outfits of the month, this is the first time I make a post like this and I really enjoyed creating it, I don't know why I didn't do it before. Now you can have an insight of the blogs I like and maybe it can help you to discover new ones and get inspiration.. it's imposible not to get inspired with all of these gorgeous ladies above mentioned, so make sure to check out their blogs! Which look is your favorite? Do you follow any of these bloggers?


Like a flash of light in an endless night, life is trapped between two black entities

Sweater: Random Store | Skirt: Made by me | High Knee Socks: Apogeo

Este sweater fue amor a primera vista, lo encontre hace un tiempo cuando salia del estudio de grabación, estaba solito en un rincon entre un monton de ropa de un estilo nada que ver al mio, casi no lo compro porque a veces soy un poco indecisa para comprar cosas.. pero gracias que siempre esta mi novio para convencerme. Sobre el outfit diría que es un clasico look de invierno, fácil de hacer, nada más le agregaría un cardigan grande o un tapado. En fín, hoy es sábado, parece ser un dia re lindo afuera y supongo que debe hacer mucho frio.. tienen planes para hoy?
This sweater was love at first sight, I found it while ago when I was in my way out of the recording studio, I almost didn't buy it because sometimes I'm a little indecisive about buying things, but I did, thanks to my boyfriend that is always there to convince me. About this outfit I'd say it's a classic winter look, easy to make, I would just add an oversized cardigan or a coat. Anyways, today is saturday and it seems to be a beautiful day outside, and very cold, at least here.. do you have any plans for today?



Denim Jacket: Vintage | Lace Dress: c/o Zlz | Heavy Metal Socks: Complot | Shoes: Americanino

Encaje blanco y denim, me encanta como quedan. Los zapatos y las medias son mis items favoritos en este outfit. El otro día compre estas medias bajo puro impulso y me alegro de haberlo hecho.. pienso que le dan una onda especial al outfit que me gusta mucho.
Finalmente llegó el invierno, una de las estaciones que mas me gustan, pero llego medio de repente en los ultimos días así que ya hace bastante frío para usar esto, pero siempre se pueden agregar medias, un par de capas y listo.
I think white lace and light denim looks really nice together. The shoes and the socks are my favorite items on this look, I bought the socks on impulse the other day and I'm glad I did, I think they give an special vibe to the outfit.
Winter is here, one of the seasons I love the most, the cold weather has suddenly arrived in the last days, so if I'd want to wear this today I'd add some tights and more layers to this outfit to keep me warm.
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